The Shiloh Eagles are the football team for Shiloh Christian Academy.

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In the six years, that Grant Taylor has been head coach of the Shiloh Eagles, he has yet to post a winning season. If he has one more losing season, he would be sent packing.


Brock Kelley, # 54, linebacker, possible offensive lineman, team captain

Matt Prater, # 64, lineman

Zach Avery, # 12, quarterback

Jacob Hall, # 42, running back

Jeremy Johnson, # 10, wide receiver

Jonathan Weston # 44, wide receiver and place holder

Joshua Webster, # 8, wide receiver and main kicker

David Childers, # 15, backup kicker

Rob Scott, # 45, position unknown

Nathan Markle, number unknown, possible wide receiver or tight end

Casey, number and position unknown