Darren is an unseen, only mentioned, character in the 2006 Christian movie, Facing The Giants. He is a former student at Shiloh Christian Academy and former running back for the Shiloh Eagles, and a current student at Tucker High and running back for the Tucker Tigers.

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At the beginning of the 2003 season, his senior year season, Darren, fed up with losing, moves in with his dad who lives in the Tucker school district so he can transfer to Tucker High. Grant, Brady, and JT feel set back because he was the third player they had that they spent three years turning into a key player then have them transfer to a rival school for their senior year. By the first practice, everyone on the team has heard that Darren transferred to Tucker, but they didn't know if it was true or not. As soon as Grant came out to the field for practice, he called the team to huddle up, and was asked twice by Brock Kelley and Matt Prater if it was true that Darren transferred to Tucker, which Grant gave them the truth. Brock throws his helmet to the ground and exclaims, "There goes the season!" because Darren scored a third of their points last season. Grant reminds them that no one is irreplaceable and that Darren leaving "ought to push you to take up the slack." When he gets home, he tells his wife, Brooke, about Darren switching schools and she exclaims, "WHAT?! He did not." Grant answers, "Yes he did. Came by this morning, got his papers, didn't even say goodbye." When Brooke asks why Darren transferred, Grant answers, "He didn't see a chance of winnin' at Shiloh, but it ain't like Tucker's gonna guarantee him a scholarship." Brooke says, "I bet the boys are frustrated." Grant answers, "More than you know." Darren is not mentioned again for the remainder of the movie.